Series 40 Sunroof

Series 40 Sunroof


Webasto’s new Series 40 is a premium Marine Sunroof featuring an ultra-reliable, intelligent E-Drive system that self-calibrates. This new roof platform offers a sleek, low profile design to be able to fit in smaller boat roofs. It has opened a new door for the marine market, outside of what currently exists without sacrificing reliability or strength.


  •   Standard roof with an attractive design and safety glass
  •  Watertight sealing
  • Fast and simple installation
  •  Robust and quality-tested design
  •  Optional fixed glass panel for panoramic views
  •  Electrical operation


Frame material  Aluminum
Panel material 0.3 in Tempered Safety Glass (Tinted)
Sliding rail material  Aluminum
Overall dimensions L x W 73.6 x 54.3 in
Cut-out dimensions  36″
Corner Radius 3.1″
Cross Radius 300″
Front Radius 80″
Operation Mode Electrical 12VDC
Opening Dimensions 24.6″ x 46″
Weight Approx 143lbs




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