ATV12DC 230V

ATV12DC 230V

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The Slim-Fit Solution

 The ATV12DCZ Chilled Water Air Handler is designed for applications where very little depth is available. Showcasing a unique vertical layout, this air handler is uniquely built with a low coil and blower above. Boasting a slim profile, ATV-HV air handlers make previously unusable areas suitable for installation. ATV-HV air handlers have a high-velocity blower with internal motor that keeps overall unit depth to a minimum, resulting in easier installation. ATV-HV air handlers are available in two configerations: Low-profile (LP) and square (SQ). LP models have a reduced height for installations where height, as well as depth, is restricted. SQ models have a square blower assembly that allows 90° of blower rotation in the field. ATV-HV air handlers are constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and have drain pans lined with an anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam. Exposed metal surfaces are insulated against secondary condensation. Whispercool blowers provide powerful yet quite distribution of cool air.


Chilled Air Handlers

  Featuring a slim profile, this air handler makes perivously unsable areas suitable for installation. Strong, ultra-quiet "Whispercool" blowers overcome high static pressure.



  ATV12DCZ-SQ-FC L180 6" MR 230V
Dimensions (in) 18" x 18" x 29"
Weight (lbs) 31lbs
Input Voltage 230V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Required AC circuit protection min 4.00 A
Required AC circuit protection max 5.00 A
Refrigerant 1, type H₂O
Current consumption max cooling 3.20 A