BI92 Dual

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  The BI 92 is a built-in fridge or freezer box with stainless steel inner lining, plastic bottom section and three wire baskets. It offers a range of +10° to -20°C and is equipped with inner light. Its fan-cooled compressor unit is mounted below but easily repositioned up to 5 feet away. Other compressor options as SP or Magnum are also available.


MODEL BI 92 L Air Cooled BI 92 L SP Water Cooled
Volume (Cu. Ft) 3.25 3.25
  Height (in) 24.2 24.2
  Width (in) 19.1 19.1
  Depth (in) 31.7 31.7
  Height-Compressor Remote (in) 17.9 17.9
Weight (lbs) 62 62
Amps Power Consumption (max/hourly) 4.5/1.0 4.5/1.0
Danfoss Compressor Type BD50F BD50F
Operation Fridge/Freezer Fridge/Freezer
Temperature range (oF) +50 to -4 +50 to -4
Price $2,692



  Built-In fridges and freezers allow an optimized use of space on board thanks to the top-loading access to the interior. Need extra frozen goods for a long cruise? Install a top-loading Isotherm under a bunk, in the settee, under the helm station or in the lazarette! Turn them up for refrigerator temperatures or down to freezer temperatures, Isotherm Built-In boxes are extremely flexible in size and design.

The advantages of a Built-In cooling box:

■ Easy access to food and drinks from the top 
■ Better installation opportunities for space saving refrigerators and freezers
■ Top access keeps cold air in and makes them more efficient
■ Customizing opportunities of the top lid allows attachment of countertop materials for a perfectly adapted design