C 42 L - AC

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  Sea Classic refrigerators with a remote cooling unit provide bigger internal volume, remoting the installation of the engine in a compartment or locker, optimizing space and performance. Some ventilation to the unit is always recommended.


Volume (Cu. Ft) R/F 1.4/0.1 1.4/0.1
Freezer Internal Size
  Height (in) 2.8 2.8
  Width (in) 9.7 9.7
  Depth (in) 8.3 8.3
Weight (lbs) 37.5 37.5
Technical Features DC
  Power Voltage (V) 12/24 12/24
  Power Consumption (W) 40 40
  Current consumption 12Vdc (A) 3.38 3.38
Technical Features AC
  Power Voltage (V) N/A 100-240-50/60Hz
  Power Consumption (W) N/A 40
  Current consumption 115Vac (A) N/A 0.53
Flush Flange Yes Yes
Operation Fridge Fridge
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