C55 T

C55 T

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  Chiller systems are suitable for boats with several cabins. Whenever three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be air-conditioned, a central chiller system is the right choice. The chiller unit is typically placed in the engine room, providing chilled water/ glycol to all cabins via the chilled water circuit. One or several air handlers are fitted in each cabin providing the required cooling capacities to the rooms. The system offers one control for the unit itself as well as separate panels for each cabin.

Optional vibration dampers as well as soft start devices allow further optimization of the application.


Each of BlueCool C-Series comes with the following features:

■ Improved performance and up to 15% higher efficiency
■ Continuous cooling capacity even in tropical conditions

■ Even more compact design

■ New improved electronics for easy installation and diagnosis via USB cable

■ Optional CAN-Bus for optimized adaptation to boat systems 

■ Compressor noise is reduced by up to 25%

■ Easy sea water and chilled water connections at one side
■ Strong stainless steel tray and condensate drain

■ Easy installation and maintenance

■ Cooling and heating via reverse cycle function as a standard

■ High quality epoxy paint protection


Technical Specifications

 Model C55 T
Cooling Capacity

55,000 BTU/h

16.1 kW

Number of Compressors 2
Supply Voltage 230V
Current Draw 17.2 - 18.4 A
Weight 198 lbs / 90 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 20.9 x 15.7 x 21.7 in