Thermo Pro 90

Thermo Pro 90

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Coolant heaters: Comfort as you know it at home

   Webasto coolant heaters not only ensure even heat distribution in the boat, but also provide domestic hot water in connection with a water boiler. These heaters can be installed in the engine room with minimum space requirements, and can be easily combined with Webasto chiller air-conditioners to form an integrated climate control system.


Thermo Pro 90 Marine - state-of-the art controller and easy service

  This device is ideal for daily use: infinitely variable power adjustment, high heat output, compact dimensions, service-friendly technology and an extremely low noise level.

  If you want to build a BlueComfort system with a Thermo 90 heater, use the Thermo Pro 90 Chiller version. It comes with a special electronic control unit and without the water pump which is not needed.

This 44' sailing yacht uses convectors for all cabins to heat the boat. Convectors are noiseless and do not consume any electrical power off the battery.

In this 40' motor yacht electrical fan blowers are used to heat up the boat. They are very compact and may be easily installed in small spaces, blowing hot air through air ducts into each cabin. The windscreen has a separate blower to demist and defrost.


Technical Specifications

    Thermo Pro 90

 Heating power (kW)

 Heating power (BTU/h)

 1.8 - 7.6 kW; boost mode 9.1

 6,100 - 26,000 BTU/h; boost mode 31,000

 Fuel consumption (l/h)

 Fuel consumption (gal/h)

 Diesel 0.18 - 1.08/1.3

 Diesel 0.05 - 0.24/0.34

 Rated voltage (V)  12, 24
 Rated power consumption (W)

 20 - 82 (90 Boost)

 3.0 - 6.9 amps (7.5 Boost) at 12V,

 1.5 - 3.5 amps (3.8 Boost) at 24V

 Flow rate of circulating pump (l/h)

 Flow rate of circulating pump (gal/h)



 Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

 Dimensions L x W x H (inch)

 352 x 131 x 232

 13.9 x 5.2 x 9.1

 Weight (kg)

 Weight (lbs)