CRX 50 S

CRX 50 S

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  This smart refrigerator offers 45 l of cool storage, including an optional 4.4 l of freezer space. It’s also superbly efficient and generates minimal noise.

The 3-in-1 Cooling Solution

  The Dometic CoolMatic CRX 50 S offers 45 l of cool storage and an optional 4.4 l of freezer space. Providing a 3-in-1 solution, you can choose between having: a fridge, freezer or both at the same time! By automatically adjusting its fan speed to the ambient temperature the CRX 50 S also generates minimal noise. It boasts an intelligent electronic control of the compressor speed making it up to 25 % more efficient. With temperature control via the soft touch control panel and a bevelled back edge for a close fit – this is one seriously efficient, intelligent fridge.


Dimensions (in) 19 11/6" x 21" x 14 15/16"
Storage Volume 45 I
Weight (lbs) 41.9
Freezer Storage Volume 4.40 I
Fridge Storage Volume 41.20 I
Input Voltage 120V
Input Frequency 60Hz
Rated Input Power (AC) 40W
Rated Input current (AC/DC) 1.14A (5A)
Input Voltage (DC) 12 / 24 V
Refrigerant 1, type R134a
Energy Consumption (DC@5/25°C) 0.93kWh/24h
Energy Consumption (DC@5/32°C) 1.934kWh/24h


Cooler Than Ever

  The compressor refrigerators in the CoolMatic CRX series are ingenious quick change artists. Their trick is no secret, but a patented Dometic invention. The freezer compartment can simply be pulled out to make room for a larger fridge or freezer. The desired temperature is set on the soft touch control panel which is mounted flush in the inner wall and elegantly integrates the LED light. There’s smart electronics behind it: the system regulates the compressor speed therefore achieving energy savings of up to 25 %. Small or medium-sized boat, single person or big family – nobody has to go without a Dometic CoolMatic refrigerator.