DBW 2010

DBW 2010

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DBW 2010 water heater - the robust classic

   The most robust device on the market has proven itself over its lifetime. The water heating system for demanding applications with high heat output of up to 11.6 kW.


Expert recommendation: DBW 2010 water station

  Used as a central unit, the Webasto water station is premounted on a tray for easy installation and comes with a soundproofed housing as well as a high performance circulation pump. The domestic water is heated in the Webasto calorifier, as needed.


In this 64' sailing yacht the heater is installed in the technical compartment. Mainly convectors are used as heat exchangers. Fan blowers are only used in cabins with space restrictions or where quick heating up or air circulation is required.


The heater in this 50' motor yacht provides heating for both decks. A combination of convectors and fan blowers is used. For heating sanitary water a Webasto water station could easily be used to integrate a calorifier.


Technical Specifications

    DBW 2010

 Heating power (kW)

 Heating power (BTU/h)



 Fuel consumption (l/h)

 Fuel consumption (gal/h)

 Diesel 1.5

 Diesel 0.4

 Rated voltage (V)  12, 24
 Rated power consumption (W)


 5 amps at 12V,

 2.5 amps at 24V

 Flow rate of circulating pump (l/h)

 Flow rate of circulating pump (gal/h)



 Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

 Dimensions L x W x H (inch)

 584 x 205 x 228

 23 x 8.1 x 9

 Weight (kg)

 Weight (lbs)