Isotherm Basic Water Heaters

Isotherm Basic Water Heaters

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  Isotemp Stainless Steel Marine Water Heaters are specifically designed for use in the demanding marine environment. Each unit is built using the highest quality components to ensure superior product performance. Isotemp marine water heaters are very rugged, designed to last for years of trouble-free service. Thanks to the Isotemp reputation for dependability, long life and handsome design, Isotemp marine water heaters add value to every installation.

  Unlike common aluminum-core water heaters, the Isotemp marine water heater features brushed stainless steel cover as well as 316-grade acid resistant stainless steel inner tank that is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Isotemp achieves the highest capacity by optimized positioning of the engine water heat exchange as well as the electrical immersion heater. They are positioned in the lowest part of the tank where the water is coldest in order to ensure an equal heating of all the water in the tank. The water inlets and outlets are specially designed to minimize the mixture of cold and hot water.

Part Number Model Volume Dimensions Weight Max. pressure
602421B000003  Basic 24  6.4 19 x 16 31 7.0
603021B000003  Basic 30 8 22 x 16 37 7.0
604021B000003  Basic 40 11 26 x 16 44 7.0
605021B000003 Basic 50 13 31 x 16 51 7.0
607521B000003 Basic 75 20 42 x 16 64 7.0


  Isotemp Temperature Control Safety Mixing Valve

  Your family and guests’ safety is important. Water heated with engine heat exchangers can be heated to 190 degrees or more. This can scald those unfamilar with boat water heaters. Water will also be heated to 160+ degrees with just the electric heating element alone. The innovative Isotemp thermostat-controlled mixing valve mixes the boat’s water with the hot water to deliver the temperature you want at the faucet. This mixing action also speeds recovery time and extends the volume of hot water you get from a smaller tank.

■ Slim, Basic, and Square designs fit all spaces: Slim is smaller diameter and longer, Basic is larger diameter and shorter, Square is rectangular shape to fit tight locations.

■ Extra long, corrugated coils for high heat exchanger efficiency

■ Special 7.0 bar/100 psi safety valve makes winterization easy with a simple valve turn

■ Ultra-thick insulation for lowest temperature loss

■ Nickle-plated copper immersion heating element for long life is positioned to heat colder water at the bottom of the tank

■ Robust design

Tanks made of 316 grade stainless steel for long life

■ External cover is 304 grade stainless steel

■ Stainless steel mounting brackets encircle the, body for deck or bulkhead installations

■ 360 ° adjustable mounting allows proper orientation for horizontal or vertical installation (valves down) on bulkheads

■ Thermostat controlled mixing valve extends volume of hot water and protects against accidental scalding.

■ Optional heating element available in 1200, 2000, and 3000 watts on some models (2000 & 3000 watt heating elements are only compatible with 230 V versions)