Isotherm Cruise Classic 195 Combi Stainless Steel - Right Swing - ITR Marine
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Isotherm Cruise Classic 195 Combi Stainless Steel – Right Swing

The Isotherm Cruise 195 COMBI Stainless Steel (INOX) Marine Refrigerator / Freezer is an upright combination unit that features the refrigerator on top and a deep freezer on the bottom.  Each section features its own separate compressor and thermostat control for superior reliability and performance in an upright fridge / freezer.

The Cruise 195 refrigerator section is on top for convenience and features molded-in cradles and door shelves for rugged durability and plenty of room for food and beverages.  The top refrigerator section has an innovative cooling evaporator protected by an aluminum shield with built-in air circulation fan that pulls cold air across the evaporator and circulates the air in a convection to keep temperatures the same on top and bottom shelves.  A condesation tray positioned under the evaporator captures condensate and channels it out the back, into an evaporation tray.  This helps keep the Cruise 195 refrigerator section free of frost issues.

Retail Price: $3,506 – Your Price starting at: $2,805

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