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Larger boats with several cabins may require a central chilled marine air conditioning systems. These systems consist of a chiller marine air conditioner unit which is typically installed in the engine room and individual air handlers for each cabin. The Webasto BlueCool Series offers a wide selection of chillers.


Webasto self-contained marine air-conditioning units are the perfect solution for boats with one to three cabins. Self-contained units are very compact, easy to retrofit, efficient and whisper quiet. Choose from Webasto’s full line of self-contained marine A/C systems.

Marine Air Conditioning Supplies

In the 28 plus years since our founding, Flagship Marine has provided HVAC for a wide variety of commercial and military craft. From historic sailing ships to deep sea mining vessels, dinner cruise boats and high-speed ferries, no job is too big, too small or too complicated of us. Our on site design engineers work with the latest SolidWorks software available and whatever your requirements, we can custom create a chiller system just for you.

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