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Drawer DR 160 Light Fridge – Freezer (Flush Mount) Stainless Steel

The Drawer 160 LIGHT is an innovative evolution of the original Drawer 160 FROST-FREE.  With AC/DC functionality, the Drawer 160 Light uses evaporator technology to deliver reliable cooling at a more economical price.

The Drawer 160 Light AC/DC models are available in three versions: (1) Fridge/Freezer, (2) Fridge only, and (3) Freezer only.

The upper drawer of the Drawer 160 Light Fridge / Freezer model consists of a a 3.2 cubic foot refrigeration compartment while the lower drawer contains a 2.3 cu. ft. freezer.  Total storage volume is 5.5 cubic feet.

The Isotherm Drawer 160 models are unique in this class of AC/DC based refrigeration in that the refrigerator section on the fridge/freezer is in the top drawer which also makes it more convenient for everyday use.

Drawer design is also a critical factor that make Isotherm unique.  The drawer slides are Blum ball-bearing under-support which provide greater support for weight and drawer stability vs. the common side rails used by competitors. The spring operated soft close mechanism acts independently of load and closes the drawer safely and automatically.  The hallmark of this design gives it perfect vertical and lateral stability as well as securing the drawer shut without additional actions. The resilient maintenance-free tracks ensure optimal smoothness with precision guided ball bearings. A superior fit with simple slide-on assembly, the drawer can be removed and replaced by simply placing it on the runners and pushing it back into place. The catch automatically locks the drawer securely to the rail and the positive latching handle keeps the drawer securely shut in the even the roughest conditions.

The drawer face allows for easy replacement and adjustment of pitch, yaw, and angle to keep the drawer face flush with the body over years of usage.

Retail Price: $3,500

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