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America’s Great Loop

America’s Great Loop – A Route That Is Almost Too Short

Americas Great Loop

America’s Great Loop attracts boating enthusiasts from across the country and around the world. There is simply no single path or itinerary to conclude the loop. Rather, to avoid harsh winters, and hot summers, boaters usually travel down the Mississippi River and Canadian rivers in spring, travel up the West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico in the summer, cross the Gulf of Mexico into Florida in the winter, and return to the same spot in spring. In some cases, they may even head back across the same waterway in the fall to complete an extended voyage across America. A variety of watercraft, from jet skis, to catamarans, small canoes, rowboats, and large sailboats, can be used to explore this massive array of waters.

Boating enthusiasts have assembled great boats, some brand new and some used, to cruise America’s Great Loop. Each boat has its own unique history, from the day it was first used to the number of miles traveled. The most popular routes go from Cape May, New Jersey, to Key West, Florida; from Key West, Florida, to Mobile, Alabama; from Mobile, Alabama, to Pensacola, Florida; and from Pensacola, Florida, to Lake Monroe, Louisiana. Many smaller boats have made it across the loop, as well. Some have even made it all the way across the Gulf of Mexico.

The Great Loop offers many opportunities for boating adventures. Many people start out by choosing a single destination, such as Cape May, New Jersey, to make their beginning journey. They then take a sabbatical and plan another adventure around the Great Loop. Others still plan longer journeys that span multiple states. Regardless of the length of the boating journey, there is plenty of water to explore. Canyons, lakes, bays, and even oceans are often included in the journey.

America’s Great Loop offers more opportunities than ever before for the cruising America enthusiast. With the popularity of the Cape, N.J., and other select ports along the Eastern seaboard, there are now ports across the entire coastline of North America. These destinations are now the hot spots for boating and sailing vacations. And with thousands of miles of gently flowing rivers, canyons, bays, and seas, a boater’s trip across the country has never been this exciting.

Boating is a wonderful experience and is a relaxing way to get out on the water. Many people prefer the side trips that can be taken by simply stopping off at various ports along America’s great loop. This allows them the chance to experience the natural beauty of different waterways while not speeding up their trip. Going on a boat cruise, whether a pleasure craft or a commercial vessel, is a great way to spend a day or two on vacation. If you enjoy the outdoors and taking in nature, a side trip through America’s waterways may be just what you need.