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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season – Be Prepared

boating during hurrican season

The last few days of the hurricane season are traditionally very busy months for boating enthusiasts and weekend water sport boat owners. Hurricane season in Florida runs from June to the first week of October, so there is plenty of time to get out on the water and enjoy all that Florida has to offer during this most exciting time of year. Even though many of the big boat events are not held during hurricane season, there are still a number of boat-related events that can be enjoyed.

Hurricane season in Florida does not only include hurricanes, but there are several tropical storm advisories and warnings throughout the state as well. These advisories are issued due to possible severe weather patterns and high winds, along with rain and possible tornadoes. Most boating dealers are well trained to deal with these weather emergencies, and most have weather-ready boating equipment in their facilities. However, it is important to have up-to-date and reliable information about any potential weather threat, especially if you live in or near the coast, because preparing for any eventuality is the best way to prepare for a boating emergency.

Most boating shops stock hurricane shuttles to take passengers to and from the water during a hurricane season. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of all your contacts inside the boating community. Keep telephone numbers and alternate contact numbers in a safe place such as a safety kit, flashlights, and a compass. Make a list of all the boat parts that you need to replace in the event of a breakdown or damage due to wind or water. Make a list of all of the specialized tools that you will need such as generators, a marine locator, a GPS, a wind meter, a rain gauge, a marine flashlight, a marine radio, and an emergency whistle. And don’t forget to bring along your cell phone so that you can easily make a quick call to someone if you need to.

Hurricane season is known for being very boating-unfriendly. That’s why preparedness is important before the storm season starts. Before hurricane season arrives, start shopping for hurricane preparedness supplies at licensed dealers. You can shop online for hurricane preparedness kits that include items such as food and water, as well as survival equipment. Read on for more information about hurricane preparedness.

Boating safety is especially important in areas prone to hurricanes. The National Weather Service has some great boating tips, as does the Coast Guard. Always take precautions to protect yourself from heavy rain, winds, and storms. And be sure to have a full battery backup power supply, a sturdy boat cover, extra drinking water, and safety flares, as well as a sturdy life jacket. All of these preparations will help you enjoy your boating trips.