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Getting Your Boat Ready For Summer!

Getting your boat ready for summer

Summer is here and it is time to get your boat ready for the upcoming season. Spring storms are hitting the East coast and if you have not purchased a marine battery of some sort, you are in for some serious surprises when Mother Nature takes her course. In order to avoid the headaches that come along with changing batteries, it is important to purchase a tune-up. A tune-up service will ensure your battery’s performance and longevity. It will also give you an extra life in the tank, which will save you money and keep you from missing those crucial boating trips!

If you have not checked your fuel filter in quite sometime, it is high time you did so. The fuel filter is responsible for keeping harmful chemicals from entering your fuel system causing you to incur large expenses in repairs or getting your boat put out for repair. A poor fuel filter can cause your battery to overheat and/or malfunction, which can literally cost you hundreds of dollars and a day or two on the water! A fuel filter is relatively inexpensive and should be replaced by a seasoned marine battery service professional.

Here is a General run down of other area’s you may want to check up on

  1. Oil and Filter Change
    You must change your oil and filters every six months or after every 375 boating hours. (Whichever benchmark you reach first)
  2. Fuel Filter
    Change these filters every 12 months or after the completion of 100 hours of boating.
  3. Transmission Oil
    You must change your transmission oil once in 24 months or after the completion of 2000 operational hours, whichever benchmark you reach first.
  4. Flush Cooling System
    This activity can be conducted every 72 months, or upon completion of 6000 hours of operation. However, you need to inspect it for regular maintenance.
  5. Clean Air Filter
    Clean them every six months or after 1000 hours of operation.