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Yacht Maintenance Overview

Yacht maintenance

Yacht maintenance is an essential element of successful yacht ownership and operational management. Just like any other asset, it needs to be well looked after and preserved to maintain value and ensure reliable operation over time. There are many different aspects to yacht management, with each needing careful attention and upkeep in order to keep the vessel in good condition and prevent potential mechanical problems and maintenance downtime. The two most important aspects of yacht maintenance are inspection and survey, with each needing regular monitoring to determine conditions, problems and potential for major repairs or breakdowns.

In-shore inspections are undertaken by a trained professional, whilst on-board inspections are carried out by the master or a qualified senior engineer. The job of the inspectors is to check the overall state of the vessel and take stock of its technical fittings and equipment. Detailed reports are then given to the owner, who can act accordingly. Yacht maintenance also includes ensuring the vessel’s interior is kept clean and dry, as well as checking all of the main systems of the vessel including the ventilation, steering, engines etc for proper working order and efficiency.

Yacht maintenance usually involves two main areas of attention, the engine and yacht hull maintenance. The inspection of the engine includes all of the normal checks as outlined above, however an additional element is often added to this. This inspection focuses on checking the air intake system for signs of corrosion, leaks, deterioration and other faults. The engine’s air intake is one of the main reasons for breakdowns and poor performance, as poor intake air and restricted airflow that can lead to serious wear and tear. If the air intake is found to be contaminated or suffering from corrosion, the vessel may need to be repaired or replaced before it experiences further problems.

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